SurgeryPlanet can save you thousands of dollars in medical bills by using our Hospital Network for your surgery. Typically, we can save you over 75% to 80% of the US cost of your surgery. The cost savings are not due to lower quality of care or treatment.These hospitals in our network are able to provide you high quality of care for a lower cost because they are not burdened by many of the administrative costs which private hospitals in USA and UK have to bear and is passed on to your hospital bills. Also, the lower costs for maintaining, staffing and insuring the hospital in these countries bring down your bills significantly. Quality and cost,you can have best of both worlds by choosing to use our exceptional net work of hospitals.

The price chart below shows the approximate all inclusive costs of surgery at some of our network hospitals. Prices indicated are in US dollars and are subject to change.

CABG- HEART BYPASS 152,000 152,000 32,000 23,000 8,000
HEART VALVE REPLACEMENT 180,000 29,000 23,000 22,000 12,000
HIP REPLACEMENT 101,000 11,000 16,000 13,000 8,000
KNEE REPLACEMENT 66,000 12,000 19,000 12,500 7,500
MSPINAL FUSION 104,000 16,000 21,000 10,000 8,000
HYSTERECTOMY (VAGINAL) 32,000 5,000 10,000 4,000 3,500
ECON TRAVEL COSTS (FROM US ) 0 1100 14,00 12,00 18,00
Network Special Discounts

Due to our long term association with the hospitals, travel companies and hotels, our network providers offer special discounts for our clients . By booking through your case manager at SurgeryPlanet you can benefit from these and save thousand s of dollars. Often, upgrades to service are provided free to our clients by our long term partner providers.

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